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What Every Investor Needs To Know About Fraud

by Jeff Madura

Everything investors who skipped accounting class need to know to spot-and steer clear of-companies whose numbers don't add up

Individual investors today are painfully aware that accounting fraud is more widespread than ever, yet often they aren't sure what this fraud looks like or even where to look. What Every Investor Needs to Know About Accounting Fraud explains common accounting maneuvers, distortions, and outright deceptions that savvy investors must be able to recognize and steer clear of, all in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Professor Jeff Madura has created a book that is both accessible and informative, and doesn't talk down to the reader. Concise yet complete, it provides investors with:

  • Methods for uncovering scams that distort revenues, hide expenses, and more
  • Studies of infamous accounting frauds and how they could have been avoided
  • A zero-tolerance investing code, useful for protecting portfolios

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